The History of Health and Wellness Referral Services, Inc!

Health and Wellness Referral Services, Inc. was founded by registered nurse, Mrs.  Isabel E. Cicero, a graduate of the Alfred University School of Nursing (1948). After working in the field of nursing for thirty-three years, Mrs. Cicero finally decided to open Health and Wellness Referral Services, Inc. The inspiration for doing so came to her during her six year duration as the Discharge Plan Nurse for Noyes memorial hospital ( 1981-1987 ). Mrs. Cicero found it alarming the number of individuals who were hurt or recovering and were unable to qualify for aid through the existing services. As a result these individuals were left with no option many times other than to be put into the care of a nursing home

After "much prayer", Mrs. Cicero, a mother of nine, decided to leave her chosen field of work, and begin her own business, Health and Wellness Referral Services, Inc.  A business built on the belief that those in need should have somewhere to turn  for the help that they need in order to live happily and productively within the confines of their own homes. A sentiment that  still holds true today. Although semi-retired, Mrs. Cicero still plays an active role in the business, serving as president from 1987 through May 2004. She is also currently co-owner, and Senior Partner. She had held the titles of sole owner and coordinator, until 1995 when her youngest son, Thomas Cicero joined the business


A graduate of Potsdam University, Mr. Thomas Cicero majored in History and Second Education.  After a brief stint as a substitute teacher, Mr. Cicero decided that his calling was to help those in need.  He has worked with the developmentally disabled, as well as  individuals with mental illness.  In 1995, Mr. Cicero decided to make yet another occupational change, and took over leadership of Health and Wellness Referral Services.  Mr. Cicero is currently serving as Co-owner, President & Coordinator of our business. He also serves on the Livingston County Respite Committee, as well as being a member of the Community Resource Committee.

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