Client Testimonials

Health and Wellness Referral Services receives letters of aknowledgement and achievment from our both our clientelle as well as forums which we have participated in on a regular basis, below are a few examples of satisfied clients!

" I don't know what we would have done without your service and it's a great comfort to know you're there should we need you again."-Mrs. J.


"Many thanks, Mrs. Cicero! I'm so very pleased with your referral service and am telling everyone about you-truly an answer to a prayer!"-Anne P.


"Thanks for all your help in finding hands to aid me in keeping mother at home. I am so very grateful that your agency was there when I needed you. I could never have managed alone. Each person you sent me was very different, but each had the common thread of great tenderness and caring. You should be very proud of the great service you provide. Thank you again"-Priscilla M.


"May God bless you for the work you are doing to help those, who, for whatever reason are less fortunate than we are."-Eric Z.


"You are exactly the kind of service we will need someday-I'll remember your efficiency."-Dobby G.


"Most appreciative of all your help-will highly recommend you to your future placements."-Rose C.


"We thank you for your help in finding girls to care for my husband. We appreciated your concern for our needs. I think your service is the answer to " Where do I go to find someone to help me?"-Thank you!"-Marjorie D.


"Thank you for your continuing assistance. Our family certainly is very pleased with the made-to-order homemakers."-Chris C.




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